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Sep 7th, 2017

Bees – Michael Gove

By Moon Saker

Our bees are in danger. Huge corporations want to spread bee-killing pesticides across UK fields. Right now some of these pesticides are temporarily banned in the UK, but if we want to stand up for our buzzing friends we need to get more of these chemicals banned – permanently.

Environment minister Michael Gove has a chance to save bees for good. There’s a vote coming up to extend the current ban, protecting bees from even more pesticides. And Michael Gove has the final say on where the UK stands on banning these pesticides.

That’s where we come in. Lobbyists for big chemical companies will be whispering in Michael Gove’s ear, telling him to vote against the bees. But there are hundreds of thousands of us, so a huge petition could persuade him to put our bees before corporate profits.

So will you sign the petition calling on Michael Gove to protect the UK’s bees?


Bees pollinate three quarters of the world’s crops – apples, strawberries, onions, carrots, and many, many more. We wouldn’t last long without them. But the pesticides favoured by big business, called neonicotinoids, are lethal – they damage the bees’ navigation leaving them lost and confused.

Our bees have been under siege since 2013 – every year one pesticide or another has been threatening their existence. But every year 38 Degrees members have fought to keep these threats at bay. And thanks to people like you taking action, most neonicotinoids have now been banned by EU law.

We’ve now got the chance to make sure the ban covers more toxic chemicals, and keeps our bees safe for generations to come.

So if you think our bees should be protected, will you sign the petition calling on Michael Gove to vote the right way and extend the ban on bee-killing pesticides?

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