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Sep 27th, 2017

Social Care Survey

By Becca McCarthy

People with dementia are facing massive bills of tens of thousands of pounds to pay for the care they need. Having worked hard and paid taxes for decades, nobody should be forced to lose their home and savings to pay for essential care.

The government pledged to fix our broken social care system. But every time politicians try, the media whips up a frenzy of public opposition, politicians panic and don’t do anything. This time, we need to prove that the public really do want to help find a solution.

If hundreds of thousands of us come together to share our thoughts on the best way to fix the social care crisis, together we can prove to politicians that they must take action.

This will only work if we all take two minutes to vote on the ideas we think are best.

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When we’re at our most vulnerable, we should all get the care we need to live with dignity. But right now our social care system is failing people when they need help the most. One in four care homes are not caring for their residents safely.  And thousands and thousands more people are left struggling at home without the help they need to wash, dress and feed themselves.

It may seem like this crisis is too big to fix. But that’s the beauty of 38 Degrees – we know that when we come together we have the power to make Britain a fairer place to live. When families across the country were facing cuts to the tax credits they needed to live on, hundreds of thousands of us came together to stop the cuts – and won!

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