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Oct 18th, 2017

Trade Deals & Brexit

By Becca McCarthy

It’s splashed across the news today: if we leave the EU without good trade deals, millions of families could be pushed into poverty.  A price hike on essentials, like bread and milk, could add £260 to each family’s annual shopping bill. That’s money most of us can’t live without.

Thousands of us have created a plan to make sure trade deals work for everyone.  But today’s news proves politicians are still a long way from creating a plan for trade we can trust. So here comes the hard bit, making sure all our MPs are on board too for making better trade deals.

Can you chip in a few pounds to launch the campaign for good trade deals? It’ll pay to help people meet their MPs, for the technology for all of us to easily share our ideas into government consultations, and for expert reports to show politicians how trade should be done in a modern Britain.

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Today’s report shows why we need to demand a good trade deal, and one that works for everyone. The UK hasn’t had to negotiate its own trade deals for decades. So we need to remind politicians what we expect. This means getting in front of MPs and releasing powerful reports to nudge negotiations in the right direction.

Since the UK voted to Brexit, half a million 38 Degrees members have come together to decide what new trade deals should look like. 38 Degrees-ers believe that trade is essential to the UK – it makes the economy stronger and gives us the opportunity to show the world what Britain has to offer. But some trade deals in the past have prioritised big business at the expense of other things that matter – jobs, safety, and the environment.

Making sure families don’t have to fork out extra if politicians fail to get their act together on trade is a big part of it. Together, we can make sure the politicians in charge of trade know where we stand, and if enough of us get involved, they’ll have to listen.

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