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Feb 28th, 2018

Sexual Harassment (CW: Some of the content of this email might be upsetting for anyone who has experienced harassment.)

By Becca McCarthy

Sexual harassment at work has been kept hidden for generations. For years it’s been brushed under the carpet – left to whispered warnings about how to avoid the boss or colleague who “can’t keep their hands to themselves”.

But things are changing. Stories are hitting the headlines every day. From conduct at Westminster to Hollywood celebrities, people are speaking out. [1] But unwanted advances, inappropriate comments or threats can happen to any of us – people of all ages, in all kinds of jobs.

A group of important MPs have launched a consultation to understand the scale of the problem and what should be done about it. [2] But right now the voices of the people working in offices, shops, on factory floors and in workplaces right across the country are missing.

These MPs know something needs to change, and they need to hear from people – just like us – in our thousands to help make it happen. If enough of us call for action and share our experiences – they’ll have to listen, and the government will have to act. Will you take the survey? As soon as 20,000 of us do it, we’ll send it straight to the MPs.


Some of us will have never felt harassed at work. We might not know what it feels like to be scared, or worried that if you say something, you could lose your job. But even if you haven’t personally – someone you know, a friend or a family member will probably have a story to tell. [3]

Right now it’s only the high profile cases that are making the headlines. Together, we can make sure MPs hear from people from all walks of life. If thousands of us join in and tell MPs that we expect them to act to tackle sexual harassment at work – they’ll have to listen.

P.S. 38 Degrees will not report any of the information you provide as part of this survey to the police. However, if you have provided information relating to criminal wrongdoing or you suspect that a crime has been committed, we would suggest that you report this separately to the police.

If you would like support regarding any sexual harassment you might have experienced, visit these websites: Rape Crisis, Victim Support or Galop.


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