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Mar 5th, 2018

Protect our food after Brexit

By 38 Degrees team

British food is at risk. If American lobbyists get their way Cornish pasties, Scotch whisky and Melton Mowbray pork pies could lose their protected status after Brexit. It’d mean US companies could make their own knock-off versions. [1]

Small British business owners could find themselves struggling against a flood of cheaper versions sold under the same name. [2] And we could all end up with lower quality food on our plates including chlorine-washed chicken. [3]

The government is deciding right now what a trade deal with the US will look like after Brexit. [4] A huge petition would prove that British people want to protect the food we’re proud of, and keep our high standards. It could convince the government not to bow down to American lobbyists.

So, will you sign the petition to protect the food we all love? It’ll be delivered as soon as it reaches 100,000 signatures.


Getting trade deals right might seem like something that won’t affect us day to day. But it couldn’t be more important. Good trade deals can boost the economy, create jobs, and improve opportunities for all of us. [5] But when trade deals are done badly, it can be a disaster. It could mean lost jobs, lower standards for food, and environmental protections being thrown out the window. [6]

We know we can protect high-quality British foods. In 2016, the trade deal TTIP threatened to strip the protection status of French foods like Champagne and Roquefort cheese. But the people of France jumped into action, and the huge public backlash forced the French President to vow to protect French food. [7] We can do the same in Britain, but first we need more of us to get involved.

So, will you sign the petition to demand British food is protected after Brexit? It only takes 30 seconds.


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[5] 38 Degrees members have been drawing up a people-powered vision for what trade should look like after Brexit. Together we’re building a big, bold, positive vision that millions of us can support. Over 8 million votes have been cast on dozens of different ideas – and our plan is coming together. You can see the results so far below:
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