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Jun 26th, 2018

Fast-track Fracking

By Becca McCarthy

This is trampling all over democracy. The government’s trying to give dirty energy companies a free pass to frack by getting rid of planning permission. It could make it as easy for fracking companies to drill as putting up a garden shed. And take away our councils’ power to stop our countryside being torn apart. [1]

Right now, the government’s testing the waters. They’ll want to get these plans through as quietly as possible, not deal with a huge public backlash. They’re waiting to see how the public reacts. And that gives us a real shot at nipping this in the bud, before these plans go any further.

If we build a huge petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures, we can show the government this is a battle they won’t be able to win. We can show them that cosying up to dirty energy companies is just not acceptable when our countryside and democracy is at risk.


Fracking doesn’t just ruin our beautiful landscapes. It threatens to increase water shortages, contaminate our groundwater and could even cause earthquakes across the UK. [2] And burning gas keeps us pumping dangerous pollution into the air that causes climate change, and endangers the future of everything on earth. [3]

That’s why the Campaign to Protect Rural England [4], experts in protecting our countryside, have launched a petition with 38 Degrees demanding the government stops these plans. Here’s what they say:

“This signals an outright assault on local communities’ ability to exercise their democratic rights. It reads like a wish list from the fracking companies themselves… Our countryside is the breathing space for us all – it must not become an industrial testing ground for the fracking industry.”

Together we’ve won campaigns to protect our countryside from dirty energy companies and government schemes before. When they tried to frack Sherwood Forest, hundreds of thousands of us spoke out and plans were stopped in their tracks. [5] And when there was a coal mine planned in Northumberland, over 14,000 38 Degrees-ers from the area spoke out and planning permission was denied. [6]


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