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Oct 17th, 2018


By Becca McCarthy

We’ve got a huge opportunity to help our bugs and bees. Right now they’re under threat from lost countryside and wildflowers. It means they are being crammed into smaller and smaller fragments of land and can’t move around. [1]

But nature experts – Buglife – have come up with a brilliant plan to help our little friends. [2] They want to create a network of grass and flower pathways across the country. It’d mean lots more land and wildflowers for our bees and butterflies to live on and move through. [3]

Buglife has partnered up with a Conservative MP to turn the plan into a new law. [4] But for it to pass we need MPs to get behind it and make sure nothing gets in its way. A huge petition signed by thousands of people including you, will let them know we want the new law to pass.

Please will you sign the petition now to help protect our bees? It only takes a few seconds.


Bees pollinate three quarters of the world’s crops – apples, strawberries, onions, carrots, and many, many more. [5] We wouldn’t last long without them. Bees and bugs are under huge threat from loss of countryside, climate change and harmful farming methods. [6] But every year 38 Degrees members have fought to keep these threats at bay. [7]

This isn’t the first time thousands of 38 Degrees members have stood up for our bees. We’ve come together year to make sure bee-killing pesticides stay off our fields. [8] And thousands of us told the government that we wanted our bees protected after Brexit. [9]

Now we have another chance to give bees and bugs a helping hand. But unless we act now, this brilliant plan could fall by the wayside. Bees and bugs can’t vote to protect the land they need to survive, we can make sure our MPs do it for them.


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