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Nov 16th, 2018

Brexit: What’s the deal?

By 38 Degrees team

Theresa May has struck a Brexit deal. Next, MPs will vote on whether to support it. Already politicians and newspapers are full of opinions! Meanwhile millions of us are sick of the infighting and want to know what the deal really means for us all.

This Brexit deal will touch all of our lives. Our NHS. The food we eat. Farming and our countryside. Jobs. That’s why 38 Degrees-ers voted to look at it with cool heads. We want to take a deep breath, get the facts straight, and make sure we’re ready to push our MPs to take careful decisions that put the country first.

Thousands of questions have been pouring in for our team of Brexit experts. And earlier today 38 Degrees broadcast the answers, live and unedited. Deputy Director at UK in a Changing Europe, Dr Simon Usherwood, covered everything from a second referendum and our borders, to food and medicine supply.

The experts 38 Degrees will be working with are from an organisation called UK in a Changing Europe. It’s based at King’s College London, and is an independent, impartial, non-partisan academic initiative working on Brexit. It provides rigorous, high-quality research, information, insights and analysis on UK and EU issues. It aims to stand aside from the politics surrounding the debate:

You can watch Simon’s answers here:

What is a Brexit expert?

How did we get here and where are we at the moment?

Are we bound to leave? Is another referendum possible?

If we accept the single market & customs union, does this mean the end of free movement?

Now the government has reached a deal, does that mean my MP will vote on it?

Will we ever truly be free of the EU and how long will we be paying them?

I live in Northern Ireland, what does this deal mean for me?

If people in the Leave campaign broke the law, why aren’t the referendum results invalid?

Should we be concerned about food and medicine shortages or are the newspapers scaremongering?

If we stayed in the EU, would they have us back on the same terms?

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