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Feb 14th, 2019

Protect Britain’s food and farmers

By 38 Degrees team

Pus in our milk.
Hormone-riddled meat at the supermarket.
Chlorine-washed chicken in our fridges.
Parasitic worms in our pork. [1]

This is what American food lobbyists are demanding. They want to scrap the rules that protect our food safety standards in a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK. [2] It could change the way we eat for generations to come.

Right now, the government is considering a new law that could protect us all from rock-bottom food standards. [3] For the law to pass we need to show the government that we want our food, and our farmers, to be protected after Brexit. No matter what.

Together, in our thousands, we can show the government we won’t put up with low standards American lobbyists are demanding. And make sure our high British food and farming standards aren’t put up for negotiation.

Will you stand up for Britain’s food and sign the petition today?

Britain’s farmers work tirelessly to uphold some of the highest food standards in the world. [4] We can be proud knowing that when we buy British food, it was produced safely. But that could all be about to change. 

American food lobbyists see a trade deal with the UK as a “once in a lifetime” chance to drive down our food standards. [5] If our food standards are lower, they’ll be able to sell more food to the UK. For them it’s about a quick profit. But for us it’s about the food on our family’s dinner plates.

If more of us get involved we can stop this. Please will you tell the government to protect Britain’s food and farmers for generations to come?

[1] Huffington Post: Here’s What US Lobbyists Want Donald Trump To Get From A Post-Brexit Trade Deal:
[2] See note 1
[3] The Agriculture Bill is currently waiting for a date to come back to Parliament. Then MPs will have the chance to debate and vote on an amendment put forward by Conservative MP Neil Parish, that aims to ensure that any agricultural imports after Brexit must be of the same or higher standards than those we have now. This covers animal welfare standards, protection of the environment and food safety standards.
Parliament.uk: Agriculture Bill 2017-19:
[4] Parliament.uk: House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee – Brexit: Trade in Food: page 4:
Food manufacture: Food standards could be ‘weakened’ in exchange for trade deals:
[5] BBC: US firms seek changes to UK standards on beef and drugs:

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