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Jul 2nd, 2019

Stop the throwaway culture of ‘festival tents’

By Megan Bentall

“It’s awful to imagine any tent could be branded as single-use, especially as so many precious resources are used to make it,”
-Emily Eavis, Glastonbury organiser
Glastonbury is over, the clean up has begun, and the UK’s summer festival season has officially kicked off. [1] Nearly every weekend from now until September, hundreds of thousands of people will flock to music festivals across the country – and every weekend, thousands of single-use tents will be left behind, destined for landfill. [2]

The UK’s biggest retailers are advertising tents as “festival tents” as if they’re single-use, it encourages people to use them once and leave them behind.

It means 250,000 tents are discarded at festivals in the UK every summer. Retailers know that by marketing them as “festival tents” they’re suggesting these tents only have a single use. But they do it anyway.

So a group of festival organisers are urging stores like Argos, Decathlon, Sports Direct and Amazon to stop advertising these tents as “festival tents” as if they’re single-use. They say it encourages people to use them once then leave them behind.

Sign the petition to get the UK’s biggest retailers to stop marketing festival tents as single-use and ruining our environment.





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