BBC: Emergency petition!

16 Mar 16

This is the biggest threat to the BBC so far. John Whittingdale, the minister who’s deciding our BBC’s future, just announced he wants the government to choose the people who run the BBC.  It means our most trusted broadcaster could be left in the hands...


Overwhelming public support for the BBC

6 Mar 16

The government’s finally published the results of the public consultation on the BBC. 177,000 of us told them what we think – and the results show there’s overwhelming public support for our national broadcaster. The message was loud and clear: the public backs our BBC...

Murdoch puppets 444×340

Murdoch’s meetings with the government

16 Nov 15

You don’t have to search for long to see just how regularly Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp executives are meeting with the government. See this list from the last eighteen months, sourced from the government website: Government rep News Corp rep Date Details Ed...

BBC video screen grab 700×400

BBC: Watch and share the video

10 Nov 15

Halloween’s been and gone. But if you fancy a fright, watch this video to see what our BBC could look like in a few years…   Please share the video on Facebook now. The BBC challenges politicians and governments, and exposes the truth. But the...

The BBC campaign: what we’ve done so far

28 Oct 15

This post takes a look back at what 38 Degrees members have done together in the BBC campaign so far. The story started in the summer, when the government published its Green Paper. It included lots of scary plans for our BBC, like threats to its funding,...

Murdoch puppets 444×340

Should 38 Degrees members challenge Rupert Murdoch?

15 Oct 15

38 Degrees members make change happen by working together. That includes deciding together what we should campaign on and how we should do it. So earlier this week, over 1.5 million 38 Degrees members were asked whether 38 Degrees should launch a campaign to challenge...