Our bees are saved!

9 Nov 17

BREAKING: Environment Secretary Michael Gove has just announced that the UK will back a permanent ban on bee-killing pesticides. This is huge. 38 Degrees-ers like you have been pushing for this since way back in 2012. Together, we have just made sure our bees will...


38 Degrees Comment on Bees Win

9 Nov 17

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has today announced that UK will back a total ban on bee-killing pesticides. This means neonicotinoids – toxic chemicals which have been linked to the decline in the bee population – will be permanently banned from Britain’s fields. Campaign organisation...


Bees – Michael Gove

7 Sep 17

Our bees are in danger. Huge corporations want to spread bee-killing pesticides across UK fields. Right now some of these pesticides are temporarily banned in the UK, but if we want to stand up for our buzzing friends we need to get more of these...


Email your MEP – Keep the ban on bee killing pesticides

21 Jun 17

A single British politician is trying to stop plans to ban bee-killing pesticides from our fields for good. In just 24 hours, some British MEPs – politicians on a powerful European committee – will be asked to reverse plans to permanently ban these dangerous pesticides....


Retailers – Don’t sell plants treated with bee-harming pesticides

10 May 17

Toxic pesticides are killing our bees. They’re so dangerous that they’re banned from our fields, but garden centres are still selling plants and flowers treated with them. The very flowers that bees feed on in our own back gardens. Yesterday B&Q said they’ll stop selling...


Bees seeds are starting to sprout

3 May 17

Spring is well underway and 38 Degrees members all across the UK have begun planting our bee friendly seeds to make sure our bumbling friends have a bumper harvest. Over 60,000 packs have been posted out and the seeds are now becoming seedlings as we...