A woman looking at a bee on a flower

How to identify the most common UK bumblebee species

25 Feb 21

The UK is home to more than 270 different species of bees, including bumblebees, honeybees and solitary bees – and all of them play an important role in pollinating our plants! Some of our favourite bees are the 24 species of bumblebee which can be...


5 Facts About Bees

16 Feb 21

Bees are important to 38 Degrees members. Whether it’s campaigning to keep dangerous pesticides at bay or planting bee-friendly seeds across the country, 38 Degrees members have always come together to do whatever it takes to protect our buzzy little friends. 🐝❤️️ But how much...



17 Oct 18

We’ve got a huge opportunity to help our bugs and bees. Right now they’re under threat from lost countryside and wildflowers. It means they are being crammed into smaller and smaller fragments of land and can’t move around. [1] But nature experts – Buglife –...


Seeds for Bees!

10 Mar 18

Britain’s bees need our help. The wild meadows and flowers bees feed on are disappearing fast, and that means our buzzy friends could be in for a very tough spring. [1] Over the last few decades the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows,...