Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education

23 Jun 19

Our experience at school shapes our whole lives. But right now many Disabled children, including those with special educational needs, are being taught a terrible lesson: that they don’t belong. Because of budget cuts, some Disabled pupils are being forced out of local schools, or...

Open University

17 Apr 18

It could be about to become even harder to go to university. For decades, the Open University has been the place where people who’ve missed out on a traditional university education can get a degree. But it is at risk of collapse. [1] It’s struggling...


Maintenance Grants

28 Feb 18

Does this sound fair to you? Right now, the child of a nurse will end up paying more to go to university than the child of a banker. Since the government abolished ‘maintenance grants’, lower-income students are having to take out bigger loans than their...

Maintenance grants survey: the results

23 Feb 18

38 Degrees makes the best decisions when we all come together to have our say. So this week, we ran a survey to see if we wanted to campaign to get the government to bring back maintenance grants for lower-income university students. Here are the...


Asbestos in schools

25 Jan 18

In schools across the country, children and teachers are at risk of exposure to a deadly substance, asbestos. The problem is so bad that the government has issued safety warnings after a study found asbestos in 83% of schools, with 19% failing to safely manage...


Boat Children Deserve Equal Access to Education

26 Jan 17

Children up and down the country are having their access to schools threatened. A change in rules for people living on canal boats means that some children now have to travel up to 20 miles to attend school. For years people who live on canals...