The DUPs views have no place in our government

11 Jun 17

To stay as Prime Minister, Theresa May needs the votes of MPs from a Northern Irish party called the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). There’s a risk this hands the DUP too much power – and that the DUP could use this power to impose their...

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General Election 2017: What’s next?

9 Jun 17

At 6am this morning, the 38 Degrees staff team sat down to try to make sense of the general election result. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty surprised it’s a hung parliament. I’m still trying to decide exactly what to do next...

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Rescue our Democracy

17 May 17

They say you need to take risks in life to achieve anything. Well, with 3 weeks until the election that’s exactly what 38 Degrees members are about to do. Right now, we’re gearing up to try something truly groundbreaking. We’re going to try and rescue...

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Young peoples vote

17 May 17

Is this the worst thing about the upcoming general election? The government has changed the system for registering people to vote, so the number of 18 year olds registered to vote has plummeted. 25% fewer school-leavers are registered to vote than 3 years ago. Unless...

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Have your say on 38 Degrees General Election survey

26 Apr 17

The recent announcement of a snap general election caught everyone by surprise. So, over 200,000 of us came together to have our say on what 38 Degrees should do during the 2017 general election. Read on to see what was said: (You can click on the following...

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General Election Survey

19 Apr 17

In 7 weeks, the British people get a vote to decide our next government. You may be thinking this election’s a done deal. But if there’s one thing that the past year has shown, it’s that millions of people, coming together to have their say,...