More funding for our schools

5 May 17

School children across the country are facing a crisis. Theresa May wants to cut some schools’ budgets, and that could mean fewer teachers, packed-out classrooms and crumbling buildings. One school’s already so strapped for cash that parents are having to clean the school toilets. But...

What do You Want to do About Grammar Schools?

17 Sep 16

The government wants to bring back grammar schools – they select children by exams when they’re 11 years old. Supporters say grammar schools give bright students from lower-income backgrounds a top education. But a lot of experts warn that they mostly benefit families who have more...


How people-power forced the government to back down

18 Jul 16

What’s happened? Our people-powered campaign has paid off. The government has now dropped plans to force every school to become an academy. What does this mean? Well, these changes would have seen businesses or Westminster bureaucrats in running schools across the country. Now, the decisions...

Road sign to  education and future

Academies: Win

6 May 16

Parents, children and teachers can breathe a huge sigh of relief tonight.  The government has just dropped plans to force every school to become an acamedy.  It means that decisions over our children’s education can stay with local parents, teachers, and councils – rather than...

Primary schools in North Port Talbot under threat

12 Nov 14

Despite being marked as outstanding, the council wants to close three primary schools in North Port Talbot: in Tonmawr, Pontrhydyfen and Bryn. Children as young as 5 will be forced to get a bus to a “super primary school” with over 500 students. 38 Degrees...

School playing fields petition hand-in to Michael Gove

7 Sep 12

On Wednesday, 38 Degrees members from across Surrey Heath delivered the national petition asking Michael Gove to protect our school playing fields, placing the names of over 133,000 members right where it can’t be missed – in the entrance hall to his constituency office. You...