An Open Letter To The Austrian Chancellor On CETA

5 Oct 16

While TTIP might be dead, there’s a copycat trade deal waiting in the wings.  This is CETA, it’d allow big businesses to sue our governments and it’s due to be signed in just a few weeks time.  We’re not the only ones concerned about the...


Brexit and our Environment

24 Aug 16

Right now big business lobbyists are eyeing up our environment – looking to use Brexit to scrap protections for wildlife and our countryside. But together we can stop them. You can join thousands of other 38 Degrees members and make a truly people-powered plan. Together...


Brexit and Immigration

9 Aug 16

We can be proud of the way we’re drawing up our demands for Brexit together. From protecting our NHS to creating a fairer economy, we’re mapping out a bold, positive vision for Brexit Britain that truly puts people first. Now it’s time to look at...

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6 bold steps you can take to shape Brexit

7 Jul 16

Let’s be honest, what post-Brexit Britain looks like is totally up in the air. But don’t worry, one thing’s for sure: as 38 Degrees members we’re determined that it’s shaped by what millions of us want – a fairer, greener, more equal Britain. Not one...

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Leaving the EU: fact checked

22 Apr 16

This week Michael Gove unleashed big claims about why we should leave the EU. But was everything he said true? A team of independent experts have speedily fact-checked his claims, so we can get the truth out together. The more of us who share the...

The government’s EU leaflet: fact checked

18 Apr 16

This is the first of what will be many more fact checks to come – assessing claims made by both sides of the EU referendum. Together, 38 Degrees members chipped in for a team of experts to fact check the issues that matter to all...