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Sep 3rd, 2015

Clean Energy Switch – members decide the deal

By Danny Huber

Before launching the Clean Energy Switch campaign, the office team asked a random sample of 38 Degrees members for their views on the type of deal we want – the answers will be used to set the criteria on the final deal we are offered.

Members were asked:

When choosing a winning supplier for our Big Green Switch, how important are the following?

Here are the results in a chart, showing most to least popular (click the image for a larger version):


Below are the results with the questions written out in full, a little more legibly!

Offers a 100% renewable electricity tariff:
Very important: 45%
Quite important: 46%
Not sure: 6%
Unimportant: 3%

Ensures the majority of its electricity comes from renewable sources:
Very important: 68%
Quite important: 28%
Not sure: 2%
Unimportant: 2%

Only offers renewable electricity, across all tariffs:
Very important: 36%
Quite important: 42%
Not sure: 16%
Unimportant: 6%

Has consistently high customer service scores:
Very important: 66%
Quite important: 32%
Not sure: 1%
Unimportant: 1%

Does not buy nuclear energy:
Very important: 42%
Quite important: 18%
Not sure: 22%
Unimportant: 18%

Supports householders selling energy they generate at home, going beyond legal requirements to do so:
Very important: 37%
Quite important: 42%
Not sure: 15%
Unimportant: 6%

Generate some of their own energy:
Very important: 29
Quite important: 40%
Not sure: 20%
Unimportant: 11%

Buys energy generated in Britain:
Very important: 53%
Quite important: 29%
Not sure: 11%
Unimportant: 7%

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