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Sep 11th, 2015

The last night of the BBC Proms

By Sarah Holtam

The last night

    of the BBC Proms is an exciting opportunity to take the campaign to protect our BBC to the next level.

    A whopping 18 million people watch the BBC Proms. That’s 18 million people who care about the BBC but probably don’t know it needs protecting from the government. So 38 Degrees members are going to create a huge swarm to spread the word. We’ll be joining in the Last Night of the Proms celebrations outside the three big “Proms in the Park” events.

    Can you join us on the gates to remind people going in that the BBC is worth celebrating? We’ll hand out bright flags saying ‘protect our BBC’ as well as banners and leaflets.

    Click below for event details in each city:








    We’d love to see you there! Bring some snacks and we’ll hope for sunshine.

    bbc-proms for twitter

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