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Oct 15th, 2015

Should 38 Degrees members challenge Rupert Murdoch?

By Rachel Oliver

38 Degrees members make change happen by working together. That includes deciding together what we should campaign on and how we should do it.

So earlier this week, over 1.5 million 38 Degrees members were asked whether 38 Degrees should launch a campaign to challenge Rupert Murdoch, and his threat to our BBC.

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Why? Because his newspapers run relentless smear stories against the BBC. And now he’s meeting with government ministers to pressure them to cut our BBC. All so he can get more control over the news we hear.

Murdoch’s a powerful man. But together, 38 Degrees members outnumber Murdoch in our hundreds of thousands. It won’t be easy – but if we pool our resources, we could run a huge, people-powered campaign to expose his agenda and force our politicians to kick him out of bed.

Our democracy relies on independent news, and 38 Degrees members will always stand up for it. And the survey results prove this: 97.5% of 38 Degrees members who answered said that together, should launch a campaign to take on Murdoch.

The most popular suggestions for the campaign are to call on the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) to investigate the Sun’s biased reporting of the BBC, and use an FOI (Freedom of Information) to expose the number of meetings Murdoch’s had with government ministers.

Murdoch poll results

Murdoch’s fast and loose approach to news reporting is a huge threat to our democracy. If he succeeds in weakening the BBC, it’ll be easier for him to dominate the news we hear. And the more power Murdoch has, the easier it’ll be for him to make politicians dance to his tune.

Rupert Murdoch won’t be easily beaten – he’s in it for the long haul. And he’s not afraid to throw money and dirty tactics at his quest to take down the BBC. But there’s only one of him and there’s millions of us. Together we can kick up a huge stink and throw his dangerous agenda to destroy our BBC into the spotlight.

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