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Jan 27th, 2016

Midlands Get Together – Tax Dodging Session Notes

By Carlton Rose


Tax dodging is an issue that 38 Degrees members are very passionate about. So at the Midlands get together one of the sessions focused on this campaign. The session started with members sharing views on what outrages them the most about tax dodging, who they think are the worst perpetrators, and why should people care about this.

Overview of Strategy
After the introduction we looked at the overview of 38 Degrees’ strategy, shown below:
1) Get the government to tackle tax dodging.
2) Use our power as customers to force businesses to change their behaviour.

– Fair tax mark
– Tax-dodging free councils
– MP outreach

Ideas Generation
Following a brief overview of the overall strategy we tried to chip in ideas about how to achieve the above. The discussion focused mostly on the idea of a Fair tax mark. The notes of this process are as follows:
1) How could you do this?
– Talk to experts, arrange face to face meetings or make telephone enquiries
– Boycott organisations that are known for not paying their fair share of tax
– Work with local businesses to promote the fair tax mark
– Link local campaigns with national campaigns by local group communication with the 38 Degrees staff team
– Talk to MPs who support our views, ask for their advice

2) What would you need to do this? Time/money/resources/people
– An active local group who have democratically decided to campaign on this issue.
– More research into the issue

3) How can your local group help
– By linking with other local groups in their county
– By being proactive in taking steps in their local community

4) How can 38 Degrees office team help?
– By giving a clear coherent message on national tax dodging campaigns
– By working more closely with other organisations who are already running existing campaigns, tapping into their expertise and passion

Next Steps
– Set up a local group and have a vote on which campaigns to focus on first
– Research into the “Fair Tax Town” Crickhowell
– Carry out research on the idea of a fair tax mark
– Try to link with other organisations in the local area

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