Hush Hush

Ever wanted to be part of a secret operation? Well, here’s your chance.

On Thursday, David Cameron is meeting world leaders in London to talk about tax dodging. The eyes of the world will be on him – so if we put on a bold, headline-grabbing stunt, newspapers will be falling over themselves to cover it. And Cameron will be pushed into cracking down on tax dodging.

But a stunt like this doesn’t come cheap – it’s going to cost £30,000 to pull it off. Can you chip in to help fund the tax dodging stunt?

Tax dodging is a global scandal that the UK could help fix by closing down British owned tax havens like the British Virgin Islands. Cameron’s been promising action for years but it’s been business as usual for the tax dodgers. Next week, he’ll be trying to avoid the issue by holding conversations in darkened rooms behind closed doors.

The timing’s perfect: the UK will be at the heart of the action and the world’s eyes will be on us. If 38 Degrees members make a bold and colourful statement it could embarrass Cameron into making the changes we need.

If thousands of us chip in just £1 now, our crack team can spring into action – the stunt will be cheeky, eye-catching, and media-grabbing. But for this to work, everything has to be hush hush so we catch Cameron by surprise. The exact details of the stunt are locked away, but here’s a clue: it’ll be in a prominent location, with well known music, and a few faces you’ll definitely recognise!

Can you chip in to help fund the tax dodging stunt? It’s a leap of faith, I know – but I guarantee you it will be worth it: