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Nov 11th, 2016

1 Million campaign winners

By Robin Priestley


Wow! This week 38 Degrees members hit a huge milestone.

Since January 1st 2016, over one million people have taken part in campaigns that ended in a victory on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You Website. It’s the part of the 38 Degrees website where anyone can start a petition on an issue close to their hearts.

That’s ONE MILLION PEOPLE in the UK who’ve had real impact and helped to create a better, fairer and more equal country for all of us.

Here are some of the petitions that made up that huge total:

In January, Vic and 3,265 people won a campaign to stop G4S from taking over the police 999 service in Nottinghamshire.

Vic wasn’t the only one either. In total three police forces rejected the deal to allow G4S to run the control room services. You can read more about the campaign here.

In Feburary, Stu and 2,081 people won a campaign to keep the beautiful Stubbs woods in Kent in public hands.

Kent county council were considering selling off the woods, but Stu and thousands of others were concerned that it could mean that people would be no longer allowed to enjoy the wood.  He said

“I have lived here for 15 years and have seen these woods used daily by many locals and also by ramblers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders who come from miles around to enjoy the wonderful views of Kent.”

Together, Stu and his fellow campaigners managed to persuade the local parish council to take control of the woods and keep it free for everyone to enjoy.

In March, Pete and 15,402 people won a campaign to save the national wildlife crime unit.

The government was thinking of cutting funding to this vital crime fighting unit, which investigates crimes against wildlife such as poaching or killing birds of prey.  But thanks to a huge petition and hard working campaigners, their future funding was preserved.

In April, Jonathan and 937 people won a campaign to get a zebra crossing built in Hackney in London.

Dressing up as zebras and collecting signatures both online and on paper, Jonathan and his family persuaded Hackney council to build a new zebra crossing at a dangerous junction bordering Hackney down’s park.

In May, Naresh and 370 people won a campaign to save “The Bridge” centre for people with mental illness in Harrow.

The Bridge is a purpose built place for the Mentally ill people in Harrow. It’s an activity centre and a drop in centre with a cafe.  All that was about to be lost, but thanks to a great campaign, the council decided not to close the centre.

In June, Sally, Maisie and 17,984 people won a campaign to Reinstate Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Kingston upon Hull.

Vulnerable children in Hull were having to stay in inpatient mental health units a long way from home so they can get the vital mental health support they need. But thanks to this campaign, NHS England announced a new unit for Hull and East Yorkshire!

In July, James and a whopping 321,412 people won a campaign to save the Land Registry from being sold off.

38 Degrees member James uses the Land Registry for work every day. So when the government snuck out plans to privatise the profitable public service, he started a petition on 38 Degrees’ Campaigns by You website. A whopping 310,000 of us got behind him – and our huge petition hit the headlines. Read more about the campaign here.

In August, Margaret and 2,099 people won a campaign to have traffic lights installed at a dangerous junction just outside of Edinburgh.

It took nearly two and a half years, but Margaret’s persistence and brilliant campaigning persuaded Edinburgh council to install a set of traffic lights at this dangerous junction.

In September, Mehala and 22,313 people won a campaign to give women in safe houses the right to vote.

Women who live in safe houses have to keep their addresses anonymous, but this can cause all manner of red tape if they want to register to vote in elections.  Mahela, found it impossible to register to vote, and so she started this incredibly important petition.  When tens of thousands of people supported her, the government decided to take action and change the rules to allow everyone access to vote!

In October, Sarah and 129 people won a campaign for safer speed limits on a dangerous road in Hampshire.

Horse riders, cyclists and farm vehicles all use this road, but cars would come zooming along unaware.  So thanks to Sarah’s campaign, the speed limit was reduced and the road made much safer for everyone.

In November, Carolyne and 106,291 people won a campaign to block a government proposal to water down child protection laws.

When Carolyne heard about a dangerous proposal to allow councils to opt-out of their legal duty to protect children she was shocked.  So she quickly jumped into action, launched a petition and gathered a big network of campaigners.  Her petition ended up being talked about in the House of Lords during the debate and the proposal was voted down! Read more here.

You can see a full list of all the campaigns that 38 Degrees members have won here.

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