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Jan 25th, 2017

Listen to Scotland on Brexit

By Nicole G

Picture the scene: Scottish 38 Degrees members face-to-face with the only Scottish politician in the Westminster cabinet, demanding a Brexit that works for everyone in Scotland. In 48 hours Alex, Mary-Clare, and Jenny will be doing just that – meeting their local MP, David Mundell. (He’s the Scottish Secretary in the Westminster government)

This Friday, they’ll be talking to him about Scotland and Brexit. Right now, nobody is clear about what’s going to happen with Scotland and Brexit – but we’ve got two days to make sure David Mundell knows that we demand Scotland’s voice is heard in Westminster.

Just imagine his reaction this Friday, when he’s handed a huge petition signed by all of us, calling on him to stand up for Scotland. His job is to represent the voices Scottish people in Westminster so he’ll have no choice but to listen.

We only have 48 hours: will you take a second to sign the petition? It only takes one click to add your name automatically and here’s what it says:


TO: David Mundell, Scottish Secretary

Do all you can to make sure that the Scottish Government is treated as a partner in decisions about leaving the EU, and consult with people in Scotland about Brexit.


Sign the petition with one click

You may have voted to leave, you may have voted to remain, you may have voted yes, you may have voted no. Either way, we all want Scotland to get the best possible outcome from the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Already more than 17,000 38 Degrees-ers in Scotland started working together to create a positive, hopeful vision for how we can respond to Brexit. From the economy to immigration, we’re all fighting to make sure that our values are at the heart of whatever happens.

We know that when we come together real change is possible. That why we take our name after the angle at which snowflakes come together to cause an avalanche. And this is our chance to demonstrate that power at the highest level.

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