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Jul 24th, 2017

Do not throw away our human rights

By Emily Evans

The government’s planning to remove the safety net that protects our human rights. We could be about to lose the laws that guarantee our right to privacy, stop unfair dismissal and give us the right to live in dignity when we’re old.

Lots of MPs are already up in arms about the plans. One’s even said that Theresa May will face “hell” trying to get them through. But what’s missing is the voice of the public – us – telling Theresa May that these plans can’t go ahead.

A huge public outcry will show Theresa May that she’ll never get this past MPs or the public. And that starts with a massive petition.

The government is planning to bring EU laws into British law when we leave the EU. But they want to ditch human rights laws called the Charter of Fundamental Rights at the same time – a law that’s powerful enough to stop the government invading our privacy or discriminating against us.

In fact, the very law that the government wants to drop has already helped to overturn their plans to snoop through all of our email accounts and keep hold of our data.

Human rights were won because of people power. It took thousands of people years to ensure our human rights are protected in law. But the government’s plans could undermine that in a moment – throwing away some of the most important legal protections we’ve ever won.

It’s not the first time 38 Degrees members have come together to save our human rights. In 2015 and 2016 when the government attempted to repeal the Human Rights Act, hundreds of thousands of us leapt to action. The public pressure forced them to drop their plans. Let’s do it again.

If you think Britain should be leading the way on human rights, not throwing them away, then join 38 Degrees members and sign the petition now.

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