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Sep 20th, 2017

Brexit Vision

By Becca McCarthy

Ignored. Shut out. Not being heard. That’s how we feel about Brexit right now. Politicians are ploughing on without bothering to ask us what we want. And big business lobbyists with deep pockets are working hard to use Brexit to get what they want. Unless we get stuck in, the future of Britain could be decided behind closed doors.

So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and muscle in.

Together, hundreds of thousands of us have worked up a common-sense plan to tell our MPs what *we* want from Brexit – and show them that we’re the ones they have to listen to. It’ll mean bold campaigns on the issues we care about, like protecting the NHS in trade deals, and making sure the public’s voice is in the room for every big Brexit decision.

It’s easy to make a plan. Now it’s time to make it happen. There are thousands and thousands of us reading this email right now. If we pool our resources, we can take on the politicians and lobbyists dominating Brexit. If each of us chips in just £1 now, our Brexit plan could start by the end of the week.

Will you chip in a pound or two to launch our people-powered Brexit fund?


Thousands and thousands of us shared our priorities for what a Brexit fund could pay for. Most of us said that the economy, jobs, and the NHS were the most important issues to focus on. And we said we wanted to sign petitions, chip in to fund campaigns, and make sure our MPs hear from us.

So here’s the plan:

  • Hire a team of investigators to analyse the government’s plans for Brexit with a fine-tooth comb – and then help all of us expose any holes in the plans
  • Fund the resources and research that’ll help us work together on the top Brexit issues – like making sure the NHS is protected in trade deals and that there are more jobs not fewer
  • Develop state of the art technology to bring millions of people together to take action, so that we can work together to influence our MPs using new online tools
  • Boost the team of organisers helping groups of 38 Degrees members meet their MP in person


Imagine the history books talking about a powerful group of people elbowing their way into negotiations. Not allowing private companies to eat away at the NHS, not allowing our jobs to be put at risk. Or the extraordinary feat we’d pulled off by bringing together people from different walks of life, different opinions, old and young, all with a vision of a Brexit that works for everyone.

We’re powerful because we come together on the things we have in common. And the main thing we all agree on right now is that Brexit is happening without us, behind closed doors. That’s why everything we do together will be out in the open. With thousands of us chipping in, we don’t ever have to answer to politicians, big donors or shady corporations.

Right now we could be throwing everything we have at making Brexit something we’ve truly shaped. Or we could sit back and watch as others decide our futures. Which side would you want to be on when the history books write about it?

If you believe that it’s our voices that decide Brexit, please will you chip in now?


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