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Jan 23rd, 2024

The Avalanche Network

By 38 Degrees team

What is the Avalanche Network?

38 Degrees is named after the tipping point at which snow comes together to form an avalanche. The Avalanche Network is a group of like-minded, passionate people whose year-round generous support will enable 38 Degrees to turn small individual actions into nationwide change.

Members of the Avalanche Network have something in common: they believe governments and corporations should answer to people-power, not the interests of a powerful few. The generous support of the Avalanche Network will make this happen – by investing in our staff, technology and growth to unite people across the country and political spectrum to make our voices heard.

Simply put, high-impact gifts from the Network will enable millions of people across the country to fight for the change they want to see in their daily lives.

The Avalanche Network is essential because 38 Degrees never accepts money from governments, political parties or corporations. We only accept money from those who share our vision and won’t compromise our independence. 97.5% of our funding in the last year came from individual donations – large donations from the network allow us to maintain our independence, so we can call out wrongdoing, whoever the culprit.

Why now?

2024 is an election year, and that means we have a real chance for change. We’re ready to fight for the change our country is crying out for and put the issues our supporters care about squarely on the agenda of the election. But right now, the cost of living crisis is shutting many people out from an empowering way to make their voice heard: putting their money into the campaigns and tactics they believe in.

Our inbox has been full of messages from 38 supporters telling us that they can’t afford to chip in anymore, although they want to, because there’s more month than money. That’s why, for the first time, we’re asking people who can afford to chip in more to do so – to power our vital work ahead of the election and beyond, and cover those who can’t continue to donate in the current climate.

Anyone who is able to donate £100 per month via a direct debit can join the Avalanche Network.

What will members of the Avalanche Network receive?

As a member of the Avalanche Network, you’ll receive a behind-the-curtain glimpse of the work that goes into mobilising thousands of people to win campaigns. You’ll receive monthly updates on your impact, campaign developments, and press hits. You’ll also be the first to hear breaking news related to our campaigns.

We’ll spend your donation where it matters: running smart, high-impact campaigns. We won’t pour your generous donation into expensive fundraising efforts or needless donor perks.

If this sounds like you, you can join the Avalanche Network today, or find out more by speaking to a dedicated member of the team:

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