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General election 2024

Our chance for change

We know that the country is crying out for change. To save our NHS and the 8 million of us who are waiting for treatment. To help with the cost of living so we have something left over at the end of the month. To ensure energy giants finally foot the bill of the energy crisis we’ve all been paying for. To stop water companies pumping sewage into our seas and to clean up the mess we’re in.

From local issues to national crises… this election is our chance for change.

Sign our open letters to our new Prime Minister

We want to ensure that within the first 100 days in office our new Prime Minister takes action on the most important issues we face. Sign our open letters today to send a message on the issues that matter most to you:


To the next PM: No more sewage in our seas!


To the next PM: Fix our broken NHS!


To the next PM: End the cost of living crisis!

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The Election is coming
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On July 4th, I’m voting for change.

Chat for change

Tens of thousands of people could miss out on their opportunity to vote in the election. People who are being turned off of voting by political mud throwing and antics. Others might just never have voted before. They all need our support.

That’s why we’ve launched Chat for Change – a unique campaign giving us tools to have simple chats with our friends and family to make sure their votes count.

Click to find out more.

Chat for Change


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About our campaign

As a politically independent group, we won’t campaign for one party or another – and we won’t try and tell our supporters who to vote for. But we will fight, without fear or favour, for the change our country is crying out for. We’ll compare the parties’ offers and if they fail to offer solutions, or become distracted by stoking division, we won’t be afraid to show them what the electoral consequences will be.


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