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TTIP day of action: top tips

19 Aug 15

This morning Rachel, Rich, Sarah and Alpha from the 38 Degrees office team took to the streets in search of tips for starting conversations about TTIP with strangers. It might sound daunting – but doing it as part of a team meant we could support...

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TTIP: chip in to fund materials

17 Aug 15

Five days and counting: on Saturday, 38 Degrees members are meeting up to spread the word about a sinister EU-US trade deal called TTIP. The deal is huge, dangerous and almost no one knows about it. And that’s exactly what the powerful interests behind it...

TTIP day of action – press release

17 Aug 15

It’s great to see plans coming together for the huge day of action on Saturday 22th August to spread to the word about TTIP! Last time, 38 Degrees members secured hundreds of pieces of media coverage for our day of action. We made a huge...

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TTIP: Day of Action 2015

12 Aug 15

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a terrible deal – but most people have never heard of it. It would let more bee-killing pesticides on our fields and many more banned chemicals into our food. And it could give big businesses the right to...

This could win TTIP

11 Jul 15

38 Degrees members are making progress in the fight against TTIP in the UK. We’ve helped turn more than half of our MEPs against the dodgy, anti-democratic deal. And just on Saturday, nearly 8,000 of us took to the streets to raise awareness. All of our...


TTIP: MEPs vote on the deal

9 Jul 15

Yesterday, MEPs voted on TTIP in the European Parliament, and the vote didn’t go the right way. This gives the green light to TTIP officials to keep negotiating. The people behind TTIP want this deal done by the end of the year. So it’s time to...