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Nov 14th, 2017

Scottish Devolution

By Becca McCarthy

Picture the scene: it’s a few years from now, and the Brexit dust is beginning to settle. The deals have been done and decisions made. But powers over devolved issues that once sat with the EU now sit with the government in Westminster. Miles away from our famous landmarks and world class industries, decisions over Scotland’s future are being made in London.

As things stand that’s exactly what the Westminster government’s plans for Brexit would mean. [1] However, a growing chorus of voices are demanding Brexit means more devolution, not less – including over 35,000 38 Degrees members. [2]

The deal’s not done yet. A huge petition would put the weight of the public behind cross-party calls from Nicola Sturgeon, Gordon Brown and Scottish Conservatives. [3] Together, we can make it impossible for Westminster to keep powers that belong in Holyrood.

Will you add your name to the petition that could save devolution?


What happens to devolution affects us all. It affects decisions about the food on our plates, the fish in our seas, the bees in our fields and even our newly-won ban on fracking. [4] When decisions are made at Holyrood, it’s easier for people-power here in Scotland to influence them. [5]

As 38 Degrees-ers in Scotland, together we’ve successfully campaigned on fracking, land reform, protecting beavers, banning bee-killing pesticides and much more. [6] We can’t let all that hard work be lost as Westminster takes control over those decisions.



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