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Scottish tax: loophole petition

25 Jan 18

This is awkward. The Scottish government are about to hand some of the highest earners in the country a tax cut – by mistake. [1] Their current budget plans include an accidental loophole that gives a £90 million tax cut to people earning between £43,000...


We saved the Curzon Mayfair Cinema

12 Apr 17

Great news, The Curzon Mayfair cinema in London is no longer under threat of closure. The developers and cinema have come to an agreement, and so the venue will continue to operate as normal. Noise from films played at Curzon in Mayfair could be heard...

The Mayfair Loophole: update

28 Sep 16

A few weeks ago, some 38 Degrees members wrote to their MPs asking them to vote for the Finance Bill. This is because the Finance Act, which has now passed into law, contains some positive steps forward in making the treatment of carried interest (otherwise...


Save The Curzon Mayfair

20 Sep 16

A historic West End cinema is facing closure because of legal action from a greedy developer. After building four luxury flats right above the Curzon cinema, developers are now complaining about the noise. They’re trying to force the independent chain to foot the £500,000 bill...

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Finish the job: close the Mayfair Loophole

15 Jul 15

  Yesterday this whopping petition was delivered to H M Treasury on behalf of the 100 769 people who had so far signed it. For years the government have rubber stamped a legal loophole that allows millionaire finance bosses to pay a lower rate of...


We’re making progress on closing the Mayfair tax loophole!!

9 Jul 15

This is huge news. Yesterday the government revealed that they’re starting to tackle the Mayfair loophole. That’s the tax-dodging loophole that 38 Degrees members uncovered, then campaigned to close. It lets super-rich finance bosses pay a lower rate of tax than many nurses and teachers. At...