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Let refugee children live safely with their families

5 Mar 18

Refugee children who flee war torn countries and terror are facing life in the UK alone, thousands of miles from their parents. Right now they don’t have the right to bring their families to live with them in the UK. [1] Families are being broken up by...

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‘Welcome card’ to Roseanna Cunningham

4 Jun 16

38 Degrees members gave a giant “welcome to your new job” card – signed by 11,000 of us – to the new environment secretary, Roseanna Cunningham. In it, a clear message: protect Scotland’s wildlife and environment. The card went down a treat. The environment minister,...

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How MPs voted: 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children

26 Apr 16

Here’s the list of how MPs voted on the ‘Dubs’ amendment to bring 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children to be with their families in the UK. 276 MPs voted to allow the children in, but 294 voted to block them entering the UK. Some MPs abstained – which means...

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3,000 refugee children who are stuck abroad despite their closest family having been accepted here as refugees

21 Apr 16

Ahmed is an 11 month old baby, and a refugee from war-torn Syria. For two months he had to survive without his mum before our government would allow him to join her in the UK. [1] Right now, 3,000 refugee children are stuck in this...


Win! Rob Lawrie is spared from prison

23 Feb 16

Today, compassion wins: aid-worker Rob Lawrie is not going to prison. Over 50,000 of us believed Rob shouldn’t be treated as a criminal for trying to rescue a four-year-old refugee from Calais – but as an ordinary man trying to do the right thing.Today, a...

Open letter to David Cameron: Protect the children of Calais

19 Feb 16

Dozens of small children are about to be left out in the cold. French authorities are bulldozing half of the refugee camp in Calais. They’re destroying the makeshift church and the makeshift children’s centre. There are a few hundred children in the camp, and they’re in...