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Addictive gambling machines: Victory!

17 May 18

Today 38 Degrees-ers are sending messages to Cabinet members, thanking them for introducing a £2 maximum limit bet on addictive gambling machines. It will now be much harder for gambling companies to exploit vulnerable people to boost their profits. Please read below to see just...


Gambling: Betting Machines

1 Nov 17

  This morning the government made an announcement that could change lives. They’re talking about cracking down on betting machines that are so addictive they’ve been dubbed the “crack cocaine” of gambling. Lining our high streets up and down the country, these machines suck up...

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Tweet Tracey Crouch – Get tough on gambling companies!

12 Apr 17

Gambling companies are pushing addictive betting machines – dubbed the crack cocaine of gambling – and failing to protect children. An investigation funded by 38 Degrees members has revealed that bookies fail to do age checks on young people, putting them at risk of devastating...


Update: Tell your MP to Speak Out on Gambling Companies

8 Feb 17

Addictive betting machines are ruining people’s lives. That’s why thousands of us have come together to tell the government: it’s time to get tough on gambling companies. And your voice was heard. You signed a petition demanding action and last week it was handed straight...

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Tell your MP to Speak Out on Gambling Companies

12 Dec 16

Gambling companies are pushing addictive betting machines and advertising on TV when children are watching. They’re making millions by causing addictions that ruin lives. The government is weighing up whether to crack down. The minister responsible for gambling, Tracey Crouch, is considering new rules to...


Say No To Gambling With Our Children’s Safety

17 Oct 16

Thousands of children in care could be put at risk if a dangerous new law gets the go-ahead tomorrow. It’d allow councils to get out of their legal duty to protect children and instead ‘experiment’ with services that protect vulnerable kids. Experts say that could...