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The Big Switch: the first 48 hours!

3 Mar 16

An incredible achievement! In just 48 hours, over 4000 of us have made the switch from the big, dirty energy companies to a cheaper, cleaner alternative. Collectively, we’ve saved over £1 million – imagine the conversations around the boardroom tables of the Big Six in the...


The Big Switch is here!

3 Mar 16

Wow – people power has come together this week to negotiate the cheapest energy deal Britain has seen for years! Together, we have sent a clear message to the huge, rip-off Big Six energy companies that there is a better, fairer alternative. Over 145,000 of...

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Clean energy switch: We did it!

2 Oct 15

The Big Six won’t like this. In less than 20 days, 38 Degrees members showed them that we’d had enough. Together, more than 10,000 of us ditched dirty, rip-off energy and moved to a cleaner, better alternative. Companies like Npower and British Gas wanted us...

Clean Energy Switch: two days to go

26 Sep 15

Something incredible is happening: people power is taking on dirty energy companies, and we’re winning. In our thousands, 38 Degrees members are moving to a cleaner, cheaper energy supplier. Are you sick of the polluting, overpriced Big Six energy companies like Npower and British Gas?...

Clean Energy Switch: we have a deal!

18 Sep 15

This is exciting: people power is taking on dirty energy. More than 104,000 of us have said we’re interested in switching to better, cleaner energy. By coming together in our thousands we’ve been able to strike a people-powered deal with a clean energy company: if...


Clean Energy Switch – members decide the deal

3 Sep 15

Before launching the Clean Energy Switch campaign, the office team asked a random sample of 38 Degrees members for their views on the type of deal we want – the answers will be used to set the criteria on the final deal we are offered. Members were asked:...